Photographer FAQ's
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What is required to be a Vicaso Photographer?

Members of the Vicaso Photography Network should be passionate about photography, have an excellent sense of composition, enjoy working with real estate agents, possess a solid technical understanding of digital cameras and computers, and meet the basic equipment requirements.

What equipment do I need?

The following equipment is required to be a member:

Professional 5+ mega pixel digital SLR with interchangable lenses
Wide angle zoom lens with approx 10-24mm coverage for interiors/exteriors
Standard zoom lens with approx 24-100mm coverage for exteriors/views
Solid tripod with a ball or adjustable head for solid, accurate camera positioning
Computer with a printer and high speed DSL or Cable internet connection
Smart Phone with internet and email access.
Reliable source of transportation
Do I have to do any post-processing/editing?

No! Our philosophy is that you should be able to focus on what you do best: photography! Following your shoots for the day, you simply upload all exposures to our server using an FTP program. When the upload is complete, you are finished with the assingment!

How many shoots will I get?

Demand in your area and the time of year will determine the volume of shoots assigned to you. Real Estate listings follow a seasonal pattern.

What is my earning potential?

Vicaso offers the leading photographer payouts in the current market. The earning potential of a Vicaso photographer is virtually unlimited, depending on your availability and order volume in your area. A detailed pay scale is viewable during account set-up.

How do I recieve my shoot assingments?

You will be issued an easy to use web account where you can designate your availability for shoots, track your shoots, invoices, and more.

How long does each shoot take?

An average shoot takes approximately 60 minutes, depending on the number of photos the client has ordered. Large homes with high photo counts can require 2 or more hours. Since you receive per-image earnings, your time is always compensated.

Are there any minimum or maximum work hours?

You have full freedom in designating your availability using your web account. This can be as low as 10 hours a week, or as high as full-time, 7 days week.

Can I promote myself to get more clients?

Absolutely. We offer additional commission to you on new clients that place orders with us.

Once I sign up, can I shoot for other real estate photography companies?

You can continue shooting real estate for other companies so long as you are following their techniques and not applying TrueView techniques.

What about doing full real estate shoots on my own?

To capitalize on the additional commissions for introducing clients to Vicaso, you are encouraged to give clients the opportunity to try Vicaso and see how it can benefit them. In turn, you have the potential to earn additional revenue for orders that are placed.

What days & times does Vicaso offer shoots?

Vicaso offers shoots 7 days a week from 9am until 6pm, as well as Twilight and Night Shoots after 6pm. You will be paid additional fees for twilight shoots.

Will I be an employee or a contractor?

As a member of the Vicaso Photography Network, you are shooting assingments as an independent contractor. As an independent contractor, you have full freedom over your availablity, the duration of your agreement, etc.

Do I own my images when I take them?

Individual exposures are purchased from you by Vicaso. Completed TrueView images are viewable by potential clients in iFlyer format. You can also view TrueView HDR images in a gallery in your web account for getting feedback about your shoots and for personal use.

How long has Vicaso been around?

Founded in Seattle, WA in 2006, Vicaso is active in 15 major U.S. cities and growing. Vicaso is entering it's seventh year of operation in the United States and is expanding for 2012.

What do I wear during shoots?

A professional, business casual look with a black shirt and Vicaso name tag (provided) is standard. Vicaso customers are best served when attire matches the professionalism of our customers. You may be issued a nametag. It is common that many different vendors are in a home together, and this ID can be helpful.

How long does my membership/agreement last?

Your membership and relationship can be as flexable as you like given the basic terms and conditions of the contract are met. You may cancel the membership and agreement at any time.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out our photographer application and you'll be on your way!

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